July 22, 2009

I'll Shut Up Now

Throughout my pregnancy I kept telling myself that at least I didn't have it bad as my friend, Kate. The poor girl went through months of hyperemesis gravidarum then started her intern year of general adult medicine. She was put to work like you wouldn't believe, sleep deprived, and under an enormous amount of stress and pressure. After all that her maternity leave was short despite having to undergo a c-section.

The quote that will live in infamy was uttered by Kate's senior resident when her water broke during morning rounds and she was wheeled away: "Are you coming back?!"

Reflecting on my own pregnancy, labor, delivery, and recovery I've been thinking lately that I might not have it in me to do this again. It would seem even more daunting the second time around, knowing what I know now. So what news do I receive today? Kate is pregnant again and is due during her last year of residency. What?!


Trent said...

Before having our son, my wife and I used to think we'd have two or three (my wife, as one of four, sometimes suggested that was a good number). About a month after our son was born, my wife said that maybe it wouldn't be so bad if our son was an only child, and I said I had been thinking the same thing.

Now my wife talks about saving things for our son's "sister" and even I am slowly starting to admit that we'll probably have at least one more when the time is right. I don't know if we just forget how hard it is, or if we gain more confidence as our experience grows, or what. But I think it's a common experience.

Theta Mom said...

WHAT?! I would be thinking the same thing! I really like your blog and so I've given you an award. Come to http://www.thetamom.com to collect. :)