August 4, 2009

Return to Work

Sorry about the pause in posting, I'm back at work.

I cried for the first couple of blocks during my commute, but I felt very comforted knowing that my family members have stepped in to help watch my boy. When I arrived at work I was humbled by my new surroundings. I'm starting with a pediatric rehabilitation rotation and it broke my heart to see so many children with injuries, making me appreciative to have my healthy baby even if I don't get to see him as much as I'd like.

Pumping is going to be a challenge. My setup isn't bad, but with my doctor responsibilities crashing on me like waves I'm having a hard time getting into the 'mood' of producing an adequate supply. Thanks goodness for the Medela Microwave bags for sterilizing my pumping parts, it saves me a bit of time.

Here we go. . .


Theta Mom said...

Best of luck and if it's any help, many of us have been down this road before, so we understand. It will get easier! Hang in there! Looking forward to hearing how you're doing bloggy friend. ;)

Marketing Mama said...

Stopping by from SITS. Congrats on your baby... and my sympathies about heading back from work. Awesome to hear you are breastfeeding and planning to pump at work. By the way, I pumped at work until both of my kiddos were one year, and I didn't use the Medela bags at work, I just rinsed the parts out with hot, hot water (used soap ONLY if I had time). Then cleaned and sterilized at night with the bag. My reasoning? Breast milk is okay to sit out for 8 hours at room temperature. Rinsing with hot water got rid of the surface milk and I never had any problems... as long as I indeed cleaned with soap and sterilized at night.

Also, I wrote a long informational article on my blog about how to pump successfully at work. I know it's helped a lot of women and it might be helpful to you as you are just starting out. Here's the link: