September 27, 2009

My Heart is Tenderized

Disney's Lambert the Sheepish Lion

A friend of mine told me "once you have kids, you won't be able to bear the thought of any child being hurt." At the time, I thought that was a weird thing to say seeing as how no person with a heart delights in the misfortune of the little ones. Now that I'm a mother, however, my very soul is rocked at the slightest hint that a child is suffering. I get it now.

The other day a coworker recalled the above movie from our youth and I decided to watch it again here. OH.MY.GOODNESS. When those frickin' lambs go after sheepish Lambert for being different. . . I'm telling you I just about gave myself heart block! Of course YouTube decides that a nice follow-up video would be The Ugly Duckling. . . with Elton John's "I Want Love" song as the backdrop.

Now someone needs to peel me off the floor and give me Zoloft, STAT.

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