September 4, 2009

The So-Called Landing Strip

Where'd I put the . . . oh, yeah!

On Unclutterer there was discussion of the need for a landing strip, an area by the door* where the day-to-day stuff that falls out of your hands when you enter the home can go. Our dining table was plagued by such items until recently. My husband fixed the lettro wall organizer by Umbra above this formosa side table by CB2 and voila, we have our formal eating space back.

More important, our morning routine is running a bit smoother. I have, hanging from the envelope, the following :
  • Baby's pediatrician appointment card
  • Don't-leave-home-without list:

    Purse and cell phone
    White coat and badges
    Pump and parts
    Cold pack and milk
    Lunch box and water bottle

Do you have a similar system? What's YOUR morning routine like?

*Note that leaving your keys near a mailbox slot, or any other opening to your home is not a good idea (a burgular can get easy access).


Theta Mom said...

When I was working out of the house, I had my son playing in the Super Yard (gate) while I ran around and got everything together. Those 10 minutes he played in the gate were pricelss. It had me the chance to load the car and use the bathroom before the big commute.

I ALWAYS had everything prepared the night before and no matter how organized I was, I never seemed to have enough time in the morning!

Momma Such said...

I have been working on trying to organize our house. It's such a big job! I like the organizer you have by the door. I need to find something cute that will go with our decor.

Oh, and I loved the comment you left on my page! ha ha! :)