October 2, 2009

Mama MacGyver

With the clock ticking, no less.

I wanted to stay for the clinical skills session of a professor led lecture, but had forgotten to bring my ice pack with me to keep my milk cool.

I went to the nearby cafeteria and asked for a plastic bag, but was told they had none. I asked if there was anything that could hold ice for the next couple of hours and was offered foil (really now?).

The employee behind the food counter was getting annoyed with my request and put her gloved hands on her hips. Aha! As a doctor, I know a thing or two about latex gloves. . .

I asked for a pair, went to the ice machine, filled 'em up and tied them down. I got a lot of strange looks as I walked out, and when asked "what on earth do you plan on doing with that?" the answer 'slapping' did come to mind.


Michele said...

I would have said "bend over, smart ass".... but that's me. LOL

... just sayin' :)


Reuben said...

Dr. I have a question:

What magically happens to milk that it needs to be refrigerated as soon as it leaves the body? Don't your breasts keep the milk at an apparently tasty 98 degrees? And don't people warm it up again before feeding it to the baby anyway? So what's the big deal about keeping it cold for a few hours?

Marketing Mama said...

Very creative!

Not sure how long your shifts are... but a good tip to know is that breastmilk is totally fine at room temperature for up to 8 hours. :)