October 31, 2009

Thanks for Your Love & Support

I know that last post was shameful, but your follow-up comments and my recent experiences have taught me something . . .

I might just need this blog to get through the rest of residency.

This being the end of the month, I went over to the ward where I'll be doing my next rotation. I explained to them my needs for pumping and requested a private room, preferably with a computer. Everyone there was amazed by the gadgets I had and the insight given to me to navigate motherhood.

"You must have a lot of mommy friends" one of the nurses commented.

I started to think about my friends, both in my community and on the web. Sappy as it is, I felt particularly grateful for all the love and support at my finger tips.

The next day I spoke with a mommy-to-be who is overwhelmed at the thought of going back to work post-partum. She told me that she visited my blog and it reassured her that if a resident mom could do it, she could do it.

Now this blog and my bella band have something major in common, I'm crawling back to it.

(If you want to know why I had my little breakdown, you'll have to send me an e-mail. It's just too much to write about here.)

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Recovering Procrastinator said...

You sound so much better today :) I hope your next rotation is a better experience.