October 15, 2009

"That Girl is Poison"

They're singing about my milk.

I'm doing another out-patient rotation this month and thought I had the perfect setup for pumping. Unfortunately, the private clinic rooms were all in use last week and I had to search for a new spot to do my thing. I asked a young woman who works as a medical assistant where I might go and she said, "You have no where to go, everything's taken, there's a bathroom around the corner."

If there's one thing I'm firm about, it's that breastmilk should NOT be expressed in the bathroom. I politely declined, and set out to continue my search for a place to pump. At a point of desperation I decided to use the common room for hospital employees. I wasn't excited about this, since people (both men and women) come and go through, but it was my best option and I was literally about to burst.

As I was getting set-up, the same medical assistant comes in and looks at me like I have leprosy. "You're not doing THAT in here! Why don't you go to the BATHROOM?! People eat in here!" her words were dripping with disgust. It was then that I realized how offensive she found my milk to be. I said, "it's just not sanitary in there." To which her reply was: "Oh, like it's that much cleaner in here?" Without pause I stated "I'd like to think there's a lower fecal count where you prepare lunch, yes."

She left in a fury.

Today as I returned to clinic that woman gave me the stink-eye and conspicuously whispered something to a coworker while looking in my direction. I know she can't wait for me to move on to another rotation, and take my poisonous nipples with me.

The whole situation would make me very upset, except is reminds me of one of my favorite videos on the web.


Marketing Mama said...

I'm so mad for you!

First, have you gone to the clinic manager and told him/her what you are doing and that you need them to reserve a room for you? Perhaps there is an office, conference room, or even the imaging room (patients can wait 20 minutes) --- or in the staff room you just talked about - put a sign on the door to keep people out while you are in there.

The clinic managers job should be to make the docs happy, right?

Also.... in times of desperation, I would pump in my car. I always had a car adapter in my car, or a battery pack for my pump. I kept a small receiving blanket in my car and used it to cover up my chest...

Totally shitty, but keep it up. That girl has a mouth on her. In fact, you SHOULD tell the clinic manager about that behavior.

Remember, you have a RIGHT to do what you are doing. Especially in the medical profession, people should be more supportive!!!

Michele said...

I am also soooo freakin' mad for you!!! I should probably pick my jaw up off the floor before I post this, but WHO IS THIS HORRIBLE WOMAN????
Seriously... I have no words. Just sitting here shaking my head in disgust at her.
Does she drink coffee? Maybe you could "cream" it up a bit for her! I don't know. But man, I would LOVE to tell her off for you.
I mean, really this woman is in the medical profession? She should be ashamed of herself, and hopefully one day she will be.

What you are doing is the most natural thing in the world (I know you know that)... and it's a beautiful, admirable thing!

I would totally report her to somebody, if you can. That's just unreal...

Monique - Resident Mommy said...

Thanks, ladies.

My hubby also recommended telling someone about this nutso, but it's a weird situation as a resident.

Everyone knows I'm only there for a few years of training. And so when you rotate from place to place, it's easier on everyone not to cause a stir since they'll have to continue working together long after I'm gone.

This is why ancillary staff gets to beat down on med students and residents. -I'm not unique in this situation. It's particularly hard as a woman for reasons that I'll explain later. . .

Recovering Procrastinator said...

Your response to her was very good. I'm really impressed with how you have been handling all the negative response you've been getting. I know I'd just clam up. So even though this sucks, good for you.

Bailey Anne said...

Oh man, what a you-know-what.

And I freaking love Scrubs!!!!