July 28, 2009


When doctors 'curbside' each other, they ask for free advice based on the other's specialty.

One of the benefits of going to medical school is that I have several doctors on speed dial. In fact my son's pediatrician has been my friend for over a decade (I knew her in high school) and we chat about his progress about once a week, free of charge. I happen to have a good supply of urologist buddies, but I hope not to need them.

The other night I contacted my friend Liz, who is in opthamology residency. I was concerned because my son had a tiny hair just sitting on his eyeball for the past few days and I asked her what I should do about it. I was told to either leave it there or try some drops. I had to laugh when she said, "but if you do try wiping it out, don't freak if you scratch his cornea." - Oh, cornea schmornea. . .

Best of all, by talking to Liz I got to feel a LOT better about my situation. Like me, she has a son and had to resume residency with all of its hurdles. We empathised with each other in so many ways. I told her about my wardrobe fiasco, hating my abdomen with its persistent linea nigra, trials with breast-feeding, and difficulty seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We didn't come up with any solutions, but I'm beginning to find that having an understanding ear makes a huge difference in my ability to push forward.

Maybe next time I go shopping I'll curbside consult a buddy of mine in psychiatry so that I don't get depressed when I see those Victoria's Secret models mocking me?

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Bailey Anne said...

Oh man, talk about a hair. Seth had a Pepper hair (Pepper is our black lab) in his eyeball when he was, what, maybe a month old? It was way down in there, and I started freaking out about it. I called the nurse's station at the hospital where I delivered and they told me to put in saline and see if it would wash out. Nope. Then they said to try and lift his lower (or was it upper?) eyelid over the other eyelid and see if that helped. I have no idea why that would help, but at any rate, his eyelids at that time were so tiny, I couldn't bring myself to try and grab one. I did manage to get it out, but now he has an cyst on his eye, that I only noticed then. I don't know if it was from the hair or if it was already there any I hadn't noticed, but I don't think my boy will be able to wear contacts. Hopefully it won't interfere with his sight in that eye. . . .