July 19, 2009

Dude, What a Diss

"Are you my mother?"

Remember that post about my sacred bond with my son during breast feeding? Well, this is a picture of Philippe mistaking the rounded end of a pillow for my bosom. He is trying his hardest to suck milk from it, even resisting me as I try to pull him away.

I felt like giving him that line from Beyonce's Irreplaceable: "Since I'm not your everything, how about I be nothing, nothing at all to you." Here, take your bottle! Two can play this game. From now on I'll spend time with my other child, SeƱor Pump-N-Style.


Theta Mom said...

Beyonce, so funny! :) I guess it's bottle time!

Account of the Condie Clan said...

Don't let it hurt your feelings. There is plenty of that to come in the future! Believe me! He loves you and your udderness. He was just a little confused ;)

adria thompson said...

Heeheee.....you're a funny one Mo :) You ARE irreplaceable...nothing is better than mommy-milk ;)