July 15, 2009

Good & Bad News

I'll start with something lighthearted.

With my hormones all over the place, my hair has been just as crazy. The good news is that a lot of companies are producing travel size samples of their hair products. This way I can test what's out there without committing to a large bottle and shelling out the money when my hair needs keep changing. A satisfying discovery for yours truly, FroboCop.

Now on to the big stink-o. I was saddened to think I'd have to go back to work on Monday, August 3rd. Turns out one of my 'sick days' was applied to the 4th of July because, when you're on maternity leave, this is not considered a holiday. Thus, I'm due back on Friday, July 31st. -The last day of a one month rotation. Ugh! To top it off, because I didn't get my CPR certification during the month of June (when I gave birth), I have to pay $165 to obtain it on my own at a site that is far away from where I live.

My hair and I are about to go on a rampage.


Theta Mom said...

Ugh...I know, that SUCKS. You have to think about the good things, like what an amazing and rewarding career you have! You have worked so hard for this-you deserve it to yourself! By the way, I like the new banner! Very cute!

Anne said...

No one told me that several months after giving birth my whole head would sprout new hair all at once, leading to a halo of short hairs -- so I am telling you now. Invest in headbands ...