August 15, 2009

The Essential Scarf

From H&M, only $7ish

Let me tell you why I can't live without this accessory. I have used my scarf to:
  • Look put-together, without the effort.
    It may seem impossible to look stylish when you have a child consuming all your time and energy, but adding something as simple as a scarf really does wonders to make an outfit.
  • Cover myself during public breastfeeding.
    I have the standard shield, but in summer it gets unbearably hot under there. I discovered this use when I was in a parked car trying to feed my boy and my scarf, still around my neck, fell perfectly into place. It's very light and Philippe got a lot less sweaty during the feed.
  • Hide nipple leakage.
    This was my initial reason for buying scarves.
  • Block out smoke.
    A bonus! When I pass by cigarette smokers I hold my scarf to my face. Do you think that's rude of me? I don't, in fact when people have said something about my conspicuous dislike for tobacco smoke I say "Sorry, but I'm allergic to cancer."

This post is part of my follow-up to The Resident Mommy Makeover.


Theta Mom said...

Can I tell you how much I LOVE H&M? They have trendy, cute clothes for so cheap! This is a good pick. :)

Heather said...

I love this scarf! And I never thought about using a scarf for a nursing cover... genius!! :)