August 12, 2009

Women: Made to Suffer?

I felt nauseated the other day, told a male relative of mine, and all I got was "oh, too bad."

I then realized that the many months of pregnancy-induced vomiting had given the impression that pukey was my baseline status. This bothered me a bit as I began to ponder all the horrible things that could befall me, and garner little or no attention from others, simply because these are 'women problems.'

There's no one to blame. The notion that each pregnancy ends in a medical emergency (i.e. labor and delivery) makes it seems as though women are accustomed to extremes. Add to this the fact that vaginas are known for discharging blood, mucus, and people and it's no wonder many gynecological symptoms/complaints appear unimpressive.

Did you know this is the reason STDs are caught sooner in men? When a woman spots something unusual on her toilet paper, she's more likely to dismiss it. Men, however, when they see something funky coming out of the penis they get it fixed right away because it's not acceptable.

I would like to reclaim my 'baseline status' today. I, Resident Mommy, am not supposed to double over in abdominal pain, puke my guts out, or stain my pants. -Geez, how did I even get to this point in my life where I need to declare such a thing?


Theta Mom said...

Reclaiming baseline status. Who would have thought it would come to that?! Thanks for checking out my blog make-over! I am totally excited!

Looking forward to hearing about your adjustment to your "new" life...

Heather said...

LOL! Great post! And so true!! I just started back to work after having a baby too... though I wasn't working before and I'm having a hard time keeping up with everything just yet! I'm looking forward to reading more on your blog! Stopping by from SITS! Have a wonderful day!