November 15, 2009

Baby B'Air Product Review

Two firsts: Flight and a head cold. Doh!

I was oh-so-fortunate to win this little item from The Marketing Mama. The Baby B'Air is a vest meant to be worn by small children during a plane ride while sitting on their parent's lap, which fastens them to the seat belt. If you go to Baby B'Air's website and watch the video, you'll learn why the inventor was inspired to come up with something more secure than mommy or daddy's interlaced fingers.

I'll start out with things to keep in mind when using the Baby B'Air vest, just to get that over with:
  • When sitting upright, the child has to face away from you. My baby loves to make eye contact so this was a little hard on him.

  • You can lie your baby down, which is nice. . . but the harness becomes more taught in this position and can cause skin breakdown. I found this out when I went to change Philippe's diaper and discovered an area on the thigh that had been chaffed.

On to the good stuff:

  • The Baby B'Air makes total sense! If you strap your kid down in a car, why not on a plane?

  • It makes you feel prepared. This was our first flight with baby and having the B'Air made us feel like pros.

  • Peace of mind. I won't name names, but I know someone who let her newborn roll from her arms to the floor as she dozed off on the sofa. Things happen. And there are worse consequences if all of a sudden turbulence strikes. I have to say our plane got jostled from time to time and I felt better knowing Philippe was secured by the Baby B'Air.

  • Finally, it's cute! We got a lot of compliments.


Michele said...

Wow.. is that ever cool. Have no need for one now, but ... LOL

Just wanted to say that I'm glad to see you still "around" the blogging world.

I missed reading your posts while I was away ;)

The Marketing Mama said...

Yay - so glad it worked well for you! :)