July 20, 2009

Birth Announcement

For the time and money challenged.*

I've heard of baby announcements taking over a month to produce and costing over a hundred bucks when all is said and done. I just ordered 50 of these prints and it cost me a whopping $5. The trick? Design your own image in whatever program you have available and upload it as a 'photograph.' My design was no fuss minimalism so it took me less than half an hour to construct it. Costco normally has the cheapest price, but Walgreens is currently having a sale online if you use the promo code: Summer50. Each print is only 10 cents.

I just received an e-mail notification that my prints are ready. Ain't technology grand?

*I blocked out his full name and date of birth to protect the young and innocent.


Theta Mom said...

I've used CVS for prints, but I never thought to do announcements there. Good to know.

How precious is he? Honestly, that picture is AMAZING. He looks so happy and content. LOVE IT!

Bailey Anne said...

Beautiful announcement!

Marketing Mama said...

That is beautiful, way to go! I've done the same thing for announcements and Christmas Cards. :)