July 13, 2009

We're all Peeing in Cups

The title is in reference to this earlier post and my mandatory drug test coming up.

In many ways this simple requirement encapsulates the rigid, unforgiving system of the medical career track. Just days after giving birth I received a request for my urine. Mind you, I recently had a mighty cocktail of benzos and opiods to get through 1.5hrs of post-partum repair. Add to that the dilemma of consistent bleeding from my nether region that is still an issue today.

I hope to see the lab tech's face when she gets a sample from what must appear to be a hemorrhaging heroin addict. -But hey, at least I'm meeting deadlines for residency!


Theta Mom said...

You're so funny! Ugh, that time when your body still doesn't feel like your own after giving birth...I know, it's the worst!

Monique said...

Hmmm, how long does this time last exactly?